Frequently Asked Questions
What are Bonus Ad Points(BAP)?

Bonus Ad Points is a points program we've designed to connect with our members to earn with us. has Bonus Ad Points(BAP) system. BAP entitle you to receive $ Paid Ads! We send you  Paid ads in return of your BAP amount. Once your BAP balance reaches 3200 BAP, you start receing Paid ads.

How can I increase my BAP?

There are  Lot of ways to expand your BAP.

1. By viewing ads you can earn BAP (5 BAP each ad). Only for Level 0 members.

2. By buying Adpacks. The minimum purchase is $1 and we provide 4000 BAP . 4000 BAP is  credited to your account, which implies $2 (4000 * $ 0.0005) worth of paid advertisement credited to your account. Every BAP is proportionate to $0.0005 worth of Paid Ads. What's more, make sure to click on those "Paid Ads" daily.

3. By gaining Direct Referrals - You earn 175 BAP for every $1 deposit of your Referral. For example, if your referral deposits $100 through one of the available payment processors, you receive 100 x 175: a massive 17500 BAP.

4. You can earn 1 BAP from your Referrals' every click.(Level 9 to 14 only)

Why did my BAP decrease?

We only send Paid Ads in exchange of your BAP. You consume BAP @ the rate of 20 BAP For every $0.01 worth of Paid Ad you view. Your level is determined according to the number of BAP you currently have. To know the number of BAPs required for each Level, check the Group Earnings Page. The level migration takes place instantly according to your present BAP value. You can always top up your BAP by buying more Adpacks.

How to increase the value of Paid Ads?

By moving to higher levels the value of your ads can be increased.

You start off with level 0 and continue to move to Level 14.

While in Level 1 your daily earnings is $0.2 wherein Level 14 earns you $1913.04 every day.

How are BAP points converted to money exactly?

You get BAP (Bonus Ad Points) by viewing the Activation Ads that are issued to you every day, getting direct referrals and buying AdPacks. Having BAP, qualifies you to get Paid Ads. Viewing Paid Ads, consume you BAP. For every $0.01 worth of Paid Ads you view, 20 BAP is deducted from your account upon. For example, if you receive $1 worth of paid ads, 2000 BAP is automatically deducted from your BAP balance. You can get more BAP by buying Ad packs. Each Adpack you buy costs $1 and instantly gives you 4000 BAP, which is worth $2 in paid ads. Your BAP balance determines how much you earn in paid ads. The more BAP you have, the more cash you can get in paid ads.

What is the minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit is $1 for Payeer and PM, $5 per BTC.

How much BAP is equal to $1?

2000 BAP is equivalent to $1 worth of paid ads. 1 BAP is worth $0.0005. So, $1 / $0.0005 = 2000 BAP.

I did not receive Activation Ads?

Only Level 0 users receive Activation Ads. When you move to higher Levels (Level 1 - Level 14), you no more receive Activation Ads instead you receive Paid Ads. Activation Ads are issued to help grow your BAP and climb up in Levels.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal is $5

Why was my level downgraded?

This happens because of one reason: Please keep in mind that for every $0.01 worth of Paid Ads you view, 20 BAP is deducted from your account. This essentially means your Level is determined according to the number of BAP you currently have. You can always purchase more Adpacks to increase your BAP.

How do I earn from Referrals?

By gaining Direct Referrals - You earn 175 BAP for every $1 worth of Referral purchases. For example, if you Refer 50 members to us and  each referral deposits $2 through one of the available payment processors, you receive 50x2x175 + 50x50(Each Direct Referral you will get 50 BAP's) = a massive 37250 BAP.

What is the limit for Direct Referrals?

No Limiit Your can refer as many as you wish.. it's Unlimited!

Are there any fees for withdraw?

Yes ,There is are a fee charged to cover processors fees. This fees may change time to tome based on processor guidelines

Why Can't I View Ads?

This happens only when you have an adblocker plugin installed in your browser. Disable any adblocker you have installed in your web browser and refresh the View Advertisements page and you'll be able to see the Ads again.

What is the Ad Reset time?

Ad resets at 00:00 server time. The current server time is being displayed in the footer.

60 BAP decreased today?

Level 0 - When you are Level 0, you shall incur a daily BAP maintenance tax, and have your BAP balances reduced by 60 BAP each server day. This is designed to wipe up inactive accounts, and to balance the manageability of the business at scale; specifically regarding the BAP that is given away for 'free' via our daily BAP Ads. If you are Level 0 and have less than 100 BAP, no maintenance tax will be deducted.

Where can I find banners to promote DailyIncome?

You can find banners in your account by clicking on the Referrals button and from the drop-down click Banners.

What if I have more questions?

Still have Question ?  Please Contact Us Here for more support